Singapore 4D
Date: 20-10-2019 (Sun)Draw No: 4488
1st Prize 首獎2314
2nd Prize 二獎7718
3rd Prize 三獎5588
Special 特別獎
Consolation 安慰獎

Singapore Toto
Date: 17-10-2019 (Thu)Draw No: 3519
Prize GroupShare Amount (Each)No. of Winning Shares
Group 1--
Group 2$109,0832
Group 3$2,45961
Group 4$650126
Group 5$503,248
Group 6$254,574

Singapore 4D Prize Structure

4D (Prize per SGD1 bet)

Prize CategoryBigSmall
1st PrizeSGD2000SGD3000
2nd PrizeSGD1000SGD2000
3rd PrizeSGD490SGD890
Consolation PrizeSGD60-

iBet (Prize per SGD1 bet)

Big24 Permutation12 Permutation6 Permutation4 Permutation
1st PrizeSGD83SGD166SGD335SGD500
2nd PrizeSGD41SGD83SGD168SGD250
3rd PrizeSGD20SGD40SGD85SGD127
Consolation PrizeSGD3SGD6SGD10SGD15
Small24 Permutation12 Permutation6 Permutation4 Permutation
1st PrizeSGD125SGD250SGD500SGD750
2nd PrizeSGD83SGD167SGD333SGD500
3rd PrizeSGD33SGD66SGD133SGD200

SingaporePools ToTo (Prize per SGD1 bet)

Prize CategoryHow To WinWinning
1st PrizeMatched all 6 numbers33% of prize pool
2nd PrizeMatched any 5 numbers plus the additional number13% of prize pool
3rd PrizeMatched any 5 numbers13% of prize pool
4th PrizeMatched any 4 numbers plus the additional number13% of prize pool
5th PrizeMatched any 4 numbersSGD30
6th PrizeMatched any 3 number plus the additional numberSGD20
* The Group 1 Prize is guaranteed at a minimum of $500,000.

* If there are more than one winning share, equal sharing kicks in. It means the prize amount will be shared equally among the winners/winning shares. Equal sharing only apply to Prize Group 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Special Draw Date

  • 05-Nov-2019 (Tue)
  • 03-Dec-2019 (Tue)

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